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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Primo Levi, 27 books
Danuta Czech, 14 books
Franciszek Piper, 12 books
Kazimierz Smoleń, 9 books
Rudolf Höss, 9 books
Carlo Mattogno, 9 books
Jadwiga Bezwińska, 9 books
Charlotte Delbo, 8 books
Ian Baxter, 6 books
Krystyna Zywulska, 6 books
Andrzej Strzelecki, 6 books
Caroline Moorehead, 6 books
Israel Gutman, 6 books
Adam Bujak, 6 books
Eva Schloss, 6 books
Ota Kraus, 5 books
Tuvia Friling, 5 books
Ka-tzetnik 135633, 5 books
Adam Cyra, 5 books
Nicholas Chare, 5 books
Jean-Claude Pressac, 4 books
Thies Christophersen, 4 books
Friedman, Philip, 4 books
Thomas Harding, 4 books
Olga Lengyel, 4 books


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