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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glenn D. Hook, 4 books
William W. Grimes, 3 books
Kent E. Calder, 3 books
Thomas F. Cargill, 3 books
Frances McCall Rosenbluth, 2 books
Laura Elizabeth Hein, 2 books
Werner Pascha, 2 books
Hugh T. Patrick, 2 books
J. Mark Ramseyer, 2 books
Magnus Blomström, 2 books
David Flath, 2 books
Ronald Dore, 2 books
Naoyuki Yoshino, 2 books
Kozo Yamamura, 2 books
Tetsuji Okazaki, 2 books
Yoshiro Miwa, 2 books
Takeshi Abe, 2 books
Ikuo Kume, 2 books
Tessa Morris-Suzuki, 2 books
Wolfgang Streeck, 2 books
Miwa, Yoshirō, 2 books
Daniel Dirks, 2 books
Bai Gao, 2 books
Erich Pauer, 2 books
Marius B. Jansen, 2 books


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