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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael Smitka, 4 books
Jeff Kingston, 3 books
Aiko Ikeo, 3 books
Kozo Yamamura, 3 books
G. C. Allen, 3 books
Carl Mosk, 3 books
Gary D. Allinson, 3 books
Kate Wildman Nakai, 2 books
Seiichi Kawasaki, 2 books
David G. Wittner, 2 books
C. D. Cowan, 2 books
Ian Inkster, 2 books
Anne Walthall, 2 books
Adam Simon Posen, 2 books
Magnus Blomström, 2 books
David Flath, 2 books
Richard C. Koo, 2 books
Robert A. Hart, 2 books
Ross Mouer, 2 books
William W. Grimes, 2 books
Chikako Usui, 2 books
Angus Maddison, 2 books
Kazuo Sato, 2 books
Philippe Debroux, 2 books
Carin Holroyd, 2 books


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