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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Katz, 2 books
George Orwell, 1 book
Thomas Morton Little, 1 book
Piotr Antosik, 1 book
J. H. Maindonald, 1 book
Roman Sikorski, 1 book
Eva Shaw, 1 book
April Henry, 1 book
Simon Winchester, 1 book
Judith Miller, 1 book
R. O. Kuehl, 1 book
Astrid Lindgren, 1 book
Susan Vreeland, 1 book
Clive Barker, 1 book
Arkadi Nemirovski, 1 book
S.A. Elsanousi, 1 book
M. T. Wasan, 1 book
A. Reza Hoshmand, 1 book
N. U. Prabhu, 1 book
Jan Mikusiński, 1 book
Irving Howe, 1 book
Mark Hill, 1 book
Paul H. Garthwaite, 1 book
Gavin Extence, 1 book
Slava Brodsky, 1 book


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