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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barbara Cartland, 88 books
Mary Francis Shura, 13 books
O'Donnell, Peter, 10 books
Jennifer Wilde, 8 books
Denise Robins, 8 books
Anne Worboys, 6 books
Alexandra Manners, 5 books
Jennifer Blake, 5 books
Anne Melville, 5 books
Patricia Robins, 5 books
Vivian Stuart, 4 books
Beatrice Parker, 4 books
Doris E. Smith, 4 books
Anna Gilbert, 4 books
Claire Lorrimer, 4 books
Frances Murray, 3 books
Mary Howard, 3 books
Ruth Glick, 3 books
Maxine Patrick, 2 books
Catherine MacArthur, 2 books
Eva Ibbotson, 2 books
Gwendoline Butler, 2 books
Tom E. Huff, 2 books
Patricia Ponder, 2 books
Nancy Baggett, 2 books