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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Neil Mercer, 6 books
Jere E. Brophy, 5 books
Basil B. Bernstein, 5 books
Wilfred B. W. Martin, 5 books
Steve Walsh, 4 books
Sara Delamont, 4 books
Peter Woods, 4 books
Adele Faber, 4 books
Courtney B. Cazden, 4 books
David N. Aspy, 3 books
Åke Bjerstedt, 3 books
Nelly McEwen, 3 books
Ned A. Flanders, 3 books
Pamela J. Cooper, 3 books
Renzo Titone, 3 books
Jeff Zwiers, 3 books
Dave Hewett, 3 books
Martyn Hammersley, 3 books
Douglas R. Barnes, 3 books
Vera Spasenović, 3 books
Rebecca Rogers, 3 books
Kristiina Kumpulainen, 3 books
Shirley Brice Heath, 3 books
Lee J. Gruenewald, 2 books
Konrad Ehlich, 2 books


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