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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lee Canter, 27 books
Randall S. Sprick, 17 books
Bill Rogers, 15 books
Edmund T. Emmer, 12 books
Carolyn M. Evertson, 11 books
Robert J. Marzano, 11 books
Sue Roffey, 10 books
Jill A. Lindberg, 9 books
C. M. Charles, 9 books
Todd Whitaker, 9 books
Sue Cowley, 8 books
James Michael Cooper, 8 books
Allen N. Mendler, 8 books
Marlene Canter, 8 books
Jane Nelsen, 8 books
Tom E. C. Smith, 8 books
Stephen B. McCarney, 7 books
Katia Petersen, 7 books
Susan Anne Capel, 7 books
Bill Rogers, 7 books
Kevin Wheldall, 7 books
J. Allen Queen, 6 books
Joan Dean, 6 books
Robert Algozzine, 6 books
Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, 6 books


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