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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James M. Kauffman, 10 books
Stephen B. McCarney, 9 books
Ross W. Greene, 8 books
Robert Algozzine, 8 books
Galloway, David, 8 books
Beverley H. Johns, 7 books
Torey L. Hayden, 7 books
Hill M. Walker, 7 books
Karl Josef Kluge, 6 books
Xiuyuan Wang, 5 books
Sue Roffey, 5 books
Michael H. Epstein, 5 books
Herbert Grossman, 5 books
Robert H. Horner, 5 books
Paul Zionts, 5 books
D. H. Stott, 4 books
Larry K. Brendtro, 4 books
Jean Lawrence, 4 books
Karl-Josef Kluge, 4 books
Robert D. Barr, 4 books
Jeffrey A. Kottler, 4 books
Shane Dunphy, 4 books
Ted Cole, 4 books
Mark Le Messurier, 4 books
Deanne A. Crone, 4 books


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