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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paulo Freire, 14 books
Michael W. Apple, 12 books
McLaren, Peter, 10 books
Basil B. Bernstein, 10 books
James Allen Johnson, 8 books
Peter Woods, 8 books
Len Barton, 8 books
Martyn Hammersley, 8 books
Jeanne H. Ballantine, 7 books
John Dewey, 6 books
Martin Carnoy, 6 books
Alan R. Sadovnik, 6 books
Ronald G. Corwin, 5 books
Maureen T. Hallinan, 5 books
Yves Bertrand, 5 books
Michael Grenfell, 5 books
Richard Arum, 5 books
Pierre Bourdieu, 5 books
Halsey, A. H., 5 books
Helmut Fend, 5 books
P. W. Musgrave, 5 books
Mal Leicester, 5 books
Lois Weis, 5 books
King, Ronald, 4 books
Andrew Pollard, 4 books


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