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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ellis Rubin, 1 book
Estelle Fox Kleiger, 1 book
Roger Wilkes, 1 book
Michael Fleeman, 1 book
Cindy Band, 1 book
Richard Smitten, 1 book
Jeanette Harris, 1 book
Jack House, 1 book
Michael Newton, 1 book
Phillip W. Steele, 1 book
Julie Ellis, 1 book
Michael Corbitt, 1 book
None, 1 book
Charles Sasser, 1 book
Allan Hall, 1 book
Michael Leidig, 1 book
John Douglas, 1 book
Arnold S. Miller, 1 book
Stephen G. Michaud, 1 book
Mike Walker, 1 book
Larry Shandling, 1 book
Tina Loo, 1 book
Paul H. Feldman, 1 book
Michael Knox, 1 book
Armanda Cooley, 1 book


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