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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Oliver E. Williamson, 10 books
Nicolai J. Foss, 7 books
Michael Hoel, 6 books
Dennis W. Carlton, 5 books
David J. Teece, 4 books
Jeffrey M. Perloff, 4 books
Don E. Waldman, 4 books
Shepherd, William G., 4 books
Mark Casson, 4 books
Michael A. Crew, 4 books
P. J. Devine, 4 books
Horst Albach, 3 books
Douglas Needham, 3 books
John Lipczynski, 3 books
Elie Appelbaum, 3 books
Neil M. Kay, 3 books
Martin Shubik, 3 books
Sajal Lahiri, 3 books
Luca Lambertini, 3 books
Gordon Tullock, 3 books
Martin Leschke, 3 books
Reekie, W. Duncan., 3 books
F. M. Scherer, 3 books
Paul Walker, 3 books
Ingo Pies, 3 books


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