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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Zec, 12 books
Paola Antonelli, 11 books
Penny Sparke, 10 books
Charlotte Fiell, 9 books
John Edwards Gloag, 8 books
Rachel Cooper, 8 books
Giampiero Bosoni, 7 books
Peter Fiell, 7 books
Jonathan M. Woodham, 7 books
Kashiwagi, Hiroshi, 6 books
Henry Dreyfuss, 6 books
Donald A. Norman, 6 books
Thomas Lockwood, 6 books
Luigi Colani, 6 books
The Museum of Modern Arts, 6 books
Jens Bernsen, 6 books
Shuichi Fukuda, 6 books
Stephen Bayley, 6 books
John Heskett, 6 books
Arthur J. Pulos, 5 books
Ralph Caplan, 5 books
Kees Dorst, 5 books
Margaret Bruce, 5 books
Volker Albus, 5 books
Reyer Kras, 5 books


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