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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glen L. Urban, 11 books
Robert G. Cooper, 5 books
E. Patrick McGuire, 3 books
Vijay Mahajan, 3 books
Kenneth B. Kahn, 3 books
Dundar F. Kocaoglu, 3 books
George Tesar, 3 books
Yoram Wind, 3 books
Howard R. Moskowitz, 3 books
Don Debelak, 3 books
Linda Gorchels, 3 books
Walter Eversheim, 2 books
Knut Holt, 2 books
David S. Hopkins, 2 books
Carmine Gallo, 2 books
Margaret Bruce, 2 books
David Midgley, 2 books
Robert R. Rothberg, 2 books
Preston G. Smith, 2 books
Gordon W. Fuller, 2 books
Rajan Suri, 2 books
George Gruenwald, 2 books
Catherine Kitcho, 2 books
Edwin E. Bobrow, 2 books
Abbie Griffin, 2 books


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