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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jay H. Heizer, 13 books
Elwood Spencer Buffa, 10 books
R. Thomas Wright, 8 books
Nigel Slack, 7 books
Jay Heizer, 7 books
Roberta S. Russell, 7 books
Ray Wild, 7 books
Franklin G. Moore, 6 books
Richard J. Schonberger, 6 books
F. Robert Jacobs, 6 books
Terry Hill, 6 books
Praveen Gupta, 6 books
Hirohide Hinomoto, 5 books
Starr, Martin Kenneth, 5 books
Shigeo Shingō, 5 books
Thomas Pyzdek, 5 books
K. G. Lockyer, 4 books
Peter S. Pande, 4 books
William J. Stevenson, 4 books
Mark M. Davis, 4 books
Edward M. Knod, 4 books
Richard B. Chase, 4 books
Richard Schonberger, 4 books
Barry Render, 4 books
William A. Levinson, 4 books


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