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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bonnie Bryant, 68 books
Gervase Markham, 20 books
Sandy Ransford, 17 books
Susan McBane, 16 books
Margaret Cabell Self, 15 books
Elwyn Hartley Edwards, 15 books
Cherry Hill, 14 books
Steven D. Price, 12 books
Alison Hart horse, 12 books
Jane Holderness-Roddam, 12 books
Carolyn Henderson, 11 books
Bernadette Kelly, 11 books
Cathy Hapka, 11 books
Toni Webber, 11 books
British Horse Society., 10 books
Anderson, Edward L., 10 books
Debby Sly, 10 books
Xenophon, 10 books
C. E. G. Hope, 9 books
Lesley Ward, 9 books
Jessica Burkhart, 9 books
Judith Draper, 9 books
Suzanne Weyn, 9 books
Owen, Robert, 8 books
M. F. McTaggart, 8 books


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