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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bonnie Bryant, 109 books
Anna Sewell, 64 books
Lauren Brooke, 59 books
Dave Sargent, 51 books
Terri Farley, 38 books
Pat Sargent, 38 books
C. W. Anderson, 35 books
Susan McBane, 32 books
Joanna Campbell, 32 books
Jessie Haas, 31 books
Dandi Daley Mackall, 30 books
American Association of Equine Practitioners. Convention, 29 books
Cherry Hill, 28 books
Elwyn Hartley Edwards, 27 books
Jenny Oldfield, 26 books
Walter Farley, 25 books
Jessica Burkhart, 24 books
Pamela Dell, 23 books
Alison Hart horse, 20 books
Gervase Markham, 20 books
Gilbey, Walter Sir, 20 books
M. Horace Hayes, 19 books
Marguerite Henry, 19 books
Pippa Funnell, 19 books
Stacy Gregg, 19 books


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