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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Raul Hilberg, 5 books
Linda Jacobs Altman, 3 books
Kim Ablon Whitney, 2 books
Elly Gross, 2 books
Nancy Kohner, 2 books
Klein, Edward, 2 books
Cherie Bennett, 2 books
J. R. Dunn, 2 books
Robert L. Wise, 2 books
Eva Hoffman, 2 books
Anne Frank, 2 books
Israel Gutman, 2 books
Yehuda Bauer, 2 books
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2 books
Harry J. Cargas, 2 books
Nora Levin, 1 book
Laura Tyler, 1 book
Ronald W. Zweig, 1 book
Chana Byers Abells, 1 book
Yitzhak Arad, 1 book
Alfred Kantor, 1 book
Franz Werfel, 1 book
Margaret Baldwin, 1 book
Robert P. Ericksen, 1 book
Hans Knoop, 1 book


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