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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lithuania., 82 books
Vytautas Landsbergis, 23 books
Lithuania, 21 books
Juozas Jurginis, 17 books
J. Venclova, 15 books
A. Eidintas, 15 books
P. Dundulienė, 15 books
Algimantas Liekis, 14 books
Jonas Balys, 13 books
Lithuania, 11 books
Skomantas., 11 books
Tomas Sakalauskas, 11 books
J. Kudirka, 10 books
Jonas Aničas, 10 books
V. Merkys, 10 books
Bronys Raila, 10 books
Lietuvos TSR Istorijos ir etnografijos muziejus., 9 books
Justas Paleckis, 9 books
Alfred Erich Senn, 9 books
Laimonas Tapinas, 9 books
A. Gaigalaitė, 9 books
Bronius Genzelis, 9 books
Antanas Martinionis, 9 books
Marceli Kosman, 9 books
Antanas Tyla, 9 books


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