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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John K. Roth, 6 books
Berel Lang, 5 books
Marc H. Ellis, 5 books
Omer Bartov, 4 books
Braham, Randolph L., 4 books
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, 3 books
Raul Hilberg, 3 books
Rolf Hochhuth, 3 books
Harry J. Cargas, 3 books
David S. Wyman, 2 books
Dan Stone, 2 books
Sarah Moskovitz, 2 books
Tod Linafelt, 2 books
Lawrence L. Langer, 2 books
Elie Wiesel, 2 books
Tom Lawson, 2 books
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, 2 books
Aaron Hass, 2 books
Peter Novick, 2 books
Art Spiegelman, 2 books
Randolph Braham, 2 books
Christopher R. Browning, 2 books
Darrell J. Fasching, 2 books
Eva Hoffman, 2 books
Alexander, Edward, 2 books


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