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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hanna Yaos, 6 books
Lawrence L. Langer, 4 books
Rosen, Alan, 4 books
Sue Vice, 4 books
Alan L. Berger, 4 books
Rosenfeld, Alvin H., 3 books
Zohar Shavit, 3 books
Sławomir Buryła, 3 books
S. Lillian Kremer, 3 books
Gene A. Plunka, 3 books
David G. Roskies, 3 books
Robert Eaglestone, 3 books
Harold Bloom, 3 books
Stephan Braese, 3 books
Gabriele Schwab, 3 books
Iris Milner, 3 books
Efraim Sicher, 3 books
Andrew N. Leak, 2 books
Rhoda Sirlin, 2 books
Nachman Blumental, 2 books
R. Clifton Spargo, 2 books
Magdalena Marszałek, 2 books
Ranen Omer-Sherman, 2 books
Zvika Dror, 2 books
Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, 2 books


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