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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mottin, Jean, 4 books
Chaojiang Shi, 4 books
Yifu Rui, 4 books
Ryūzō Torii, 3 books
Vang, Pobzeb., 3 books
Xinfu Wu, 3 books
Nicholas Tapp, 2 books
United States, 2 books
Jane Mallinson, 2 books
Quincy, Keith., 2 books
Yongzhang Wu, 2 books
Rongzhen Wu, 2 books
Dia Cha, 2 books
Rujin Shi, 2 books
Tao Zhong, 2 books
Lili Fang, 2 books
Jacques Lemoine, 2 books
Huayong Tian, 2 books
Xueying Chen, 2 books
Qianwu Tang, 2 books
Robert George Cooper, 2 books
Yang, Dao., 2 books
Sucheng Chan, 2 books
Jean Pierre Willem, 1 book
F. M. Savina, 1 book


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