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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Étienne Michel Faillon, 13 books
Mark A. Noll, 8 books
Godefroy Hermant, 6 books
Hugh McLeod, 6 books
Paul Piolin, 6 books
Marty, Martin E., 5 books
Peter Lake, 4 books
Horton Davies, 4 books
Edward L. Cleary, 4 books
Antoine Arnauld, 4 books
Christopher Haigh, 3 books
Sabrina P. Ramet, 3 books
George A. Rawlyk, 3 books
Christopher Hill, 3 books
R. N. Swanson, 3 books
André Imberdis, 3 books
Michel Béziers, 3 books
Daniel H. Levine, 3 books
Eugène Ernest Hubert, 3 books
Harry S. Stout, 3 books
Henri Lasserre, 3 books
David A. Weir, 2 books
John Webster Grant, 2 books
Margo Todd, 2 books
Anne Hudson, 2 books


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