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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colista Moore, 12 books
David Wallechinsky, 9 books
Mitchell Symons, 8 books
Conn Iggulden, 7 books
Noel Botham, 6 books
Russell Ash, 6 books
Xavier Einstein, 6 books
Marion Buhagiar, 5 books
Fisher, George accomptant., 5 books
Edward Blishen, 5 books
Catholic Church, 5 books
Tom Parker, 4 books
Jean Claude Corbeil, 4 books
Editors of Chambers, 4 books
David Crystal, 4 books
Sandra Choron, 4 books
John White, 4 books
Robert Kemp Philp, 3 books
Stanley Newman, 3 books
Nicolas Lémery, 3 books
Ben Schott, 3 books
Michael Powell, 3 books
Thomas E. Hill, 3 books
Phillips, R. Sir, 3 books
William Poundstone, 3 books