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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shawn B. Rogers, 6 books
Jane Calabria, 5 books
Dorothy Burke, 5 books
Cate Richards, 5 books
Stephen Londergan, 4 books
Drew Sellers, 3 books
Tim Bankes, 3 books
Tay Kratzer, 2 books
Margery Mayer, 2 books
Sue Plumley, 2 books
Elaine J. Marmel, 2 books
Erica Kerwien, 2 books
David Hatter, 2 books
Matt Riggsby, 2 books
Marc Creaghan, 2 books
Libby Ingrassia Schwarz, 2 books
Cate McCoy, 2 books
Daria Olynk, 2 books
Scott L. Thomas, 2 books
John P. Lamb, 2 books
Bill Kreisle, 2 books
Steve Kern, 2 books
Richard Beels, 2 books
Scott Kunau, 2 books
Randall A. Tamura, 2 books


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