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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Helen M. Macbeth, 4 books
Leda Meredith, 4 books
Michael Burgan, 3 books
Doreen Virtue, 3 books
Michael Greger, 3 books
Naomi Person, 3 books
John Coveney, 2 books
Steven Masley, 2 books
Derek J. Oddy, 2 books
Peter Singer, 2 books
Tom Standage, 2 books
Kenneth L. Lloyd, 2 books
Bruno Laurioux, 2 books
J.M Forbes, 2 books
Kim Millon, 2 books
Food and Nutrition Board, 2 books
Food Forum, 2 books
Jean-Pierre Montmayeur, 2 books
Jessica Black, 2 books
Harvey A. Levenstein, 2 books
Melanie Joy, 2 books
Alice Waters, 2 books
Bryan F. J. Manly, 2 books
Karrie Kalich, 2 books
Jennifer Jensen Wallach, 2 books


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