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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tony Nourmand, 8 books
Graham Marsh, 7 books
Kristin Thompson, 6 books
David Bordwell, 6 books
Tom Weaver, 5 books
Charlie Kaufman, 5 books
Paul Duncan, 4 books
Colin Odell, 4 books
Horacio Moreno, 4 books
Hector Gonzalez Lopez, 4 books
Akiva Goldsman, 3 books
Dennis W. Petrie, 3 books
Lawrence Grobel, 3 books
John Austin, 3 books
Charles Ford, 3 books
Michelle Le Blanc, 3 books
Corregidor, 3 books
Javier Cuesta, 3 books
Frank Darabont, 3 books
Jim Smith, 3 books
Rene Jeanne, 3 books
Jose Luis Mena, 3 books
Claudia Franco, 3 books
James Ursini, 3 books
David Slater, 2 books


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