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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Aesop, 252 books
Jean de La Fontaine, 35 books
Gaius Julius Phaedrus, 20 books
Shuping Huang, 15 books
Graham Percy, 13 books
Joseph Jacobs, 13 books
Carl Sommer, 11 books
Eric Blair, 10 books
White, Mark, 10 books
M. Eulalia Valeri, 8 books
Mary Berendes, 8 books
Lisbeth Zwerger, 7 books
Ramon Llull, 7 books
Hans Christian Andersen, 7 books
Lou Kuenzler, 7 books
Bill Willingham, 6 books
Félix María Samaniego, 6 books
Léopold Hervieux, 6 books
John Ogilby, 5 books
Thomas Bewick, 5 books
Dawn Casey, 5 books
Arthur Rackham, 5 books
Jerry Pinkney, 5 books
Helen Ward, 5 books
Sarah Albee, 5 books


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