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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maurice Lemaître, 5 books
Scott MacDonald, 5 books
Bart Testa, 5 books
Michael Hoolboom, 4 books
P. Adams Sitney, 4 books
Stan Brakhage, 3 books
Sergio Toffetti, 3 books
Curtis, David, 3 books
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, 3 books
Paolo Bertetto, 3 books
Mette Hjort, 3 books
Bruce Elder, 3 books
Yvonne Rainer, 3 books
William Moritz, 2 books
Mitry, Jean., 2 books
Bruno Di Marino, 2 books
Robin Metcalfe, 2 books
Scheugl, Hans, 2 books
Gabriele Morelli, 2 books
Horrocks, Roger, 2 books
Malcolm Le Grice, 2 books
Sirio Luginbühl, 2 books
Birgit Hein, 2 books
Sheldon Renan, 2 books
Gene Youngblood, 2 books


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