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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas à Kempis, 14 books
James Stalker, 4 books
Thomas Rogers, 4 books
Martin Hengel, 4 books
Anselm Schulz, 3 books
Edwin Louis Cole, 3 books
Dorothy Nolte, 3 books
Charlotte Guillain, 3 books
Bruce Main, 2 books
Cotton Mather, 2 books
Les Carter, 2 books
Morgan, G. Campbell, 2 books
R. T. Kendall, 2 books
François Nepveu, 2 books
Leslie B. Flynn, 2 books
Samuel Hinds, 2 books
Eugene H. Peterson, 2 books
Rodney Reeves, 2 books
Anne Watson, 2 books
Peterson, Eugene H., 2 books
Jacques Guillet, 2 books
Arlynn McMahon, 2 books
Philip Gulley, 2 books
John Frederick Loase, 2 books
Lisa Harper, 2 books


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