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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephen R. Covey, 18 books
Samuel Smiles, 10 books
John Foster, 9 books
Orison Swett Marden, 8 books
Kunkel, Fritz, 7 books
Harry Emerson Fosdick, 5 books
Rudolf Allers, 5 books
Edwin Percy Whipple, 5 books
Stephen R. Covey, 5 books
Emmanuel Mounier, 4 books
Edgar F. Puryear, 4 books
Barbara A. Lewis, 4 books
Peggy Noonan, 4 books
Tomaso Garzoni, 3 books
A. A. Roback, 3 books
Brooks, David, 3 books
Steve Riach, 3 books
Ludovic Dugas, 3 books
Ernest Mayfield Ligon, 3 books
Ralph Waldo Trine, 3 books
David Keirsey, 3 books
William J. Bennett, 3 books
Charles R. Swindoll, 3 books
Ware, Henry, 3 books
H. Clay Trumbull, 3 books


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