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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 21 books
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 8 books
John Donne, 5 books
William Butler Yeats, 4 books
Douglas Hyde, 3 books
Edmund Spenser, 3 books
Arthur Henry Bullen, 3 books
Ovid, 3 books
Daisy Goodwin, 3 books
Kathleen Blease, 3 books
A. Norman Jeffares, 3 books
Jill Hollis, 3 books
John White Chadwick, 3 books
David Farley-Hills, 2 books
Thomas Dunn English, 2 books
Robert Graves, 2 books
Lord Byron, 2 books
Katharine Tynan, 2 books
Francis J. Whitfield, 2 books
Nicola Shulman, 2 books
Thomas Moore, 2 books
Paul B. Janeczko, 2 books
Penelope Shuttle, 2 books
Lindsay MacRae, 2 books
Evelyn Loeb, 2 books


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