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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Richardson, 7 books
David A. Thomas, 6 books
Winston Gordon, 5 books
Michael Watkins, 4 books
Andrew Keogh, 4 books
Kevin McCormac, 4 books
Tony Storey, 3 books
Anthony Jeffries, 3 books
Roger Ede, 3 books
Peter Wallis, 3 books
Roger Leng, 3 books
G.S. Wilkinson, 3 books
Bryan Gibson, 3 books
Gary Scanlan, 3 books
Richard Taylor, 2 books
Shani D'Cruze, 2 books
Malcolm Davies, 2 books
John Sprack, 2 books
Anthony Edwards, 2 books
Hungerford, 2 books
Henry Brooke, 2 books
Law Commission, 2 books
Home Office, 2 books
Roger Hood, 2 books
Sir Leon Radzinowicz, 2 books


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