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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Terry Brooks, 19 books
Sigmund Brouwer, 11 books
Kevin Hearne, 10 books
Philip Carr-Gomm, 7 books
Nancy Farmer, 6 books
Ellen Evert Hopman, 6 books
Ward Rutherford, 6 books
Donna Grant, 5 books
Jean Markale, 5 books
Morgan Llywelyn, 5 books
Miranda J. Aldhouse-Green, 5 books
H. d' Arbois de Jubainville, 4 books
T. D. Kendrick, 4 books
Edward Davies, 4 books
Matthews, John, 4 books
John Smith, 4 books
Marion Zimmer Bradley, 4 books
John Toland, 4 books
Caiseal Mór, 3 books
William Stukeley, 3 books
Freeman, Philip, 3 books
Time-Life Books, 3 books
John Michael Greer, 3 books
Edward Duke, 3 books
Catherine Fisher, 3 books


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