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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Berresford Ellis, 7 books
Jean Markale, 5 books
Barry W. Cunliffe, 4 books
H. d' Arbois de Jubainville, 3 books
Ross, Anne Ph. D., 3 books
Françoise Le Roux, 3 books
Venceslas Kruta, 3 books
Henri Hubert, 3 books
Rob Penn, 2 books
Freeman, Philip, 2 books
Julius Pokorny, 2 books
Hazel Martell, 2 books
Jan Filip, 2 books
Jean-Louis Brunaux, 2 books
John T. Koch, 2 books
Caitlin Matthews, 2 books
Bill Watkins, 2 books
Allison Lassieur, 2 books
Henri Hubert, 2 books
Anna Bauerová, 2 books
Marco Martin, 2 books
Filip, Jan., 2 books
Claude Sterckx, 2 books
H. D. Rankin, 1 book
George Henry Borrow, 1 book


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