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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mildred Seeley, 11 books
Jean Greenhowe, 9 books
Valerie Janitch, 6 books
Neva Wade Garnett, 4 books
Jodie Davis, 4 books
Madeleine Banier, 3 books
Carol Nicklaus, 3 books
Eloise Piper, 3 books
Qiyin Yang, 3 books
Elinor Peace Bailey, 3 books
Yamada, Tokubē, 2 books
G. P. Jones, 2 books
Catherine Christopher Roberts, 2 books
Fiona Goble, 2 books
Doris Rockwell Gottilly, 2 books
Gabriela Caporale, 2 books
Robert McKinley, 2 books
Edward A. Baldwin, 2 books
Venus Dodge, 2 books
Rouhua Zou, 2 books
Bobbie McClure Long, 2 books
Takeharu Ishikawa, 2 books
Jess Redman, 2 books
Judy Meier, 1 book
Ebenezer Landells, 1 book


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