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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Flora Gill Jacobs, 6 books
Kathryn Reiss, 6 books
Margaret Grace, 5 books
Jean Nisbett, 4 books
Leonie von Wilckens, 4 books
Beatrix Potter, 4 books
Vivien Greene, 4 books
Faith Eaton, 4 books
Colleen Moore, 3 books
Dian Zillner, 3 books
Robert H. Schleicher, 3 books
Margaret Bateson, 3 books
Tally Oliveau, 3 books
Andrea Barham, 3 books
Nick Forder, 3 books
Marian Maeve O'Brien, 2 books
MaryLou M. Smith, 2 books
Thelma R. Newman, 2 books
Jean Latham, 2 books
Phyllis Gift Jellison, 2 books
William Sleator, 2 books
Marilyn Sachs, 2 books
Ruth Glick, 2 books
Lael Combe Furgeson, 2 books
Brian Nickolls, 2 books


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