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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James D. Watson, 20 books
Arthur Kornberg, 8 books
Stephen Neidle, 7 books
Jang B. Rampal, 5 books
Michael J. Waring, 5 books
Michael Byrnes, 5 books
Mary-Ann Bjornsti, 4 books
Neil Osheroff, 4 books
Walter Doerfler, 4 books
E. Morton Bradbury, 4 books
David E. Newton, 4 books
John N. Abelson, 4 books
David M. J. Lilley, 4 books
Michael Crichton, 4 books
Manel Esteller, 4 books
Robert Snedden, 4 books
William Lowry, 4 books
Benjamin Lewin, 4 books
H. P. Saluz, 4 books
Frances R. Balkwill, 4 books
Errol C. Friedberg, 4 books
Zecharia Sitchin, 4 books
Lawrence Grossman, 4 books
Keith R. Fox, 4 books
Maria Spies, 4 books


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