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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tse-Lok Ho, 11 books
M. Berthelot, 10 books
G. Pattenden, 10 books
Jie Jack Li, 8 books
Daniel Lednicer, 8 books
Mathieu, Jean writer on organic synthesis., 7 books
Stuart G. Warren, 7 books
Stanley M. Roberts, 7 books
W. Voelter, 7 books
William L. Jolly, 7 books
Sidney P. Colowick, 6 books
Stanley R. Sandler, 6 books
Mary Fieser, 6 books
A. de Meijere, 6 books
K. C. Nicolaou, 6 books
Otto Snow, 5 books
Michael B. Smith, 5 books
Kivie Moldave, 5 books
n/a, 5 books
V. A. Soloshonok, 5 books
Matthias Beller, 5 books
H. Waldmann, 5 books
Horst Kleinkauf, 5 books
Lawrence Grossman, 5 books
H. R. V. Arnstein, 5 books