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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John N. Abelson, 61 books
Melvin I. Simon, 61 books
Dietmar Schomburg, 59 books
Ida Schomburg, 41 books
Nathan P. Colowick, 36 books
Nathan P. Kaplan, 35 books
Antje Chang, 28 books
Sidney P. Colowick, 26 books
D. Schomburg, 18 books
Lester Packer, 16 books
Paul D. Boyer, 16 books
A. Chang, 13 books
C. H. W. Hirs, 11 books
Serge N. Timasheff, 11 books
Lawrence Grossman, 10 books
Helmut Sies, 9 books
Fuyuhiko Tamanoi, 9 books
Alan Wiseman, 8 books
Kivie Moldave, 8 books
Anthony J. Cichoke, 7 books
Daniel L. Purich, 7 books
P. Michael Conn, 7 books
Ashok Pandey, 7 books
Carlson Wade, 7 books
Hiromi Shinya, 6 books


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