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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
T. W. Graham Solomons, 60 books
David R. Klein, 36 books
A. C. Knipe, 32 books
Scott E. Denmark, 26 books
Peter Vollhardt, 20 books
W. E. Watts, 16 books
Janice Gorzynski Smith, 15 books
Louis Frederick Fieser, 15 books
LeRoy G. Wade Jr, 13 books
Zvi Rappoport, 12 books
Neil E. Schore, 12 books
Saul Patai, 11 books
Leo A. Paquette, 10 books
Brown, William H., 10 books
Tse-Lok Ho, 10 books
Larry E. Overman, 10 books
Gordon W. Gribble, 10 books
Paula Yurkanis Bruice, 10 books
John E. McMurry, 9 books
Chris Knipe, 9 books
Craig B. Fryhle, 9 books
John R. Holum, 9 books
Ralph J. Fessenden, 9 books
Heinz Falk, 9 books
Justus von Liebig, 8 books