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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alan R. Katritzky, 60 books
V. A. Kopti︠u︡g, 15 books
Gordon W. Gribble, 12 books
M. I. Podgornai︠a︡, 9 books
Jeffrey M. Lemm, 7 books
J. A. Joule, 7 books
Xiao-Feng Wu, 7 books
Salo Gronowitz, 6 books
Jie Jack Li, 5 books
I. K. Korobeĭnicheva, 5 books
Erwin Klingsberg, 4 books
Eric F. V. Scriven, 4 books
Alfred Hassner, 4 books
K. L. Ameta, 4 books
Adrien Albert, 3 books
Andre Rosowsky, 3 books
H. C. van der Plas, 3 books
C. F. H. Allen, 3 books
William L. Mosby, 3 books
Louis L. Bambas, 3 books
Edward C. Taylor, 3 books
H. Suschitzky, 3 books
G.W. Gribble, 3 books
T.L. Gilchrist, 3 books
Jacques V. Metzger, 3 books


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