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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel W. Stroock, 2 books
A. V. Ivanov, 2 books
E. M. Landis, 2 books
N. V. Krylov, 2 books
Robert Denk, 1 book
Klaus Ecker, 1 book
I. Lasiecka, 1 book
Guo Chun Wen, 1 book
S. D. Ėĭdelʹman, 1 book
Viorel Barbu, 1 book
Karel Rektorys, 1 book
W. A. Woyczyński, 1 book
Franco Flandoli, 1 book
W.I. Fushchich, 1 book
W.M. Shtelen, 1 book
N.I. Serov, 1 book
Jean-Michel Bismut, 1 book
Birkhauser, 1 book
Victor A. Galaktionov, 1 book
Juan Luis Vasquez, 1 book
Igor Boglaev, 1 book
Matthias Hieber, 1 book
Zhuoqun Wu, 1 book
Jingxue Yin, 1 book
Chunpeng Wang, 1 book


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