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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Denis Diderot, 20 books
D'Alembert, 20 books
Gavin Ambrose, 7 books
Paul Harris, 7 books
Conway Lloyd Morgan, 6 books
Julia Harding, 5 books
Darrell Gibbs, 5 books
Mark Hampshire, 5 books
Keith Stephenson, 5 books
Steven Heller, 5 books
B. Pedersen, 4 books
Supon Design Group, 4 books
None, 4 books
Jessica Glaser, 4 books
Carolyn Knight, 4 books
Random House, 3 books
AIGA, 3 books
Stephen Pentak, 3 books
Issey Miyake, 3 books
Felix Studinka, 3 books
Steve Greenberg, 3 books
Cherie Fehrman, 2 books
Augusto Morello, 2 books
Riccardo Rinetti, 2 books
Christopher Simmons, 2 books


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