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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Conway Lloyd Morgan, 2 books
Patricia Mears, 2 books
Rick Poyner, 2 books
Issey Miyake, 2 books
Donald Albrecht, 1 book
Reinosuke Hara, 1 book
Alexander Payne, 1 book
Ross Lovegrove, 1 book
Koloman Moser, 1 book
Andrew Stevens, 1 book
Matthew Collings, 1 book
Yoshitaka Amano, 1 book
Veronique Vienne, 1 book
Herbert Ypma, 1 book
Christian Liaigre, 1 book
Eric Boman, 1 book
Iris Apfel, 1 book
Antonio Piva, 1 book
Robert Schonfeld, 1 book
Ryu Niimi, 1 book
Kozo Fujimoto, 1 book
Ingo Maurer, 1 book
Napoleone Ferrari, 1 book
Harold Koda, 1 book
Tulga Beyerle, 1 book


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