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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Fiell, 3 books
Grace Wu Bruce, 3 books
Charlotte Fiell, 3 books
Riccardo Rinetti, 2 books
Frank R. Smith, 2 books
Donna S. Baker, 2 books
Stewart Walton, 2 books
Issey Miyake, 2 books
Mathias Remmele, 2 books
Lucio Luzo Lazzara, 2 books
Jocasta Innes, 2 books
Ruth E. Smith, 2 books
Augusto Morello, 1 book
Rudolf Schwarz, 1 book
Giuliana Gramigna, 1 book
Judy Wardell, 1 book
Marcel Breuer, 1 book
Laurel Saville, 1 book
Ross Lovegrove, 1 book
Martin Miller, 1 book
Naomi Stungo, 1 book
Charles Eames, 1 book
Ulf Beckman, 1 book
Eileen Gray, 1 book
Judith Miller, 1 book


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