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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel P. Carlson, 2 books
Roslyn Muraskin, 2 books
Malcolm Davies, 2 books
Peter K. Manning, 2 books
John E. Wade, 2 books
Paul M. Sharp, 2 books
Jane Tyrer, 2 books
Mick Cavadino, 2 books
James Dignan, 2 books
Hazel Croall, 2 books
John R. Jones, 2 books
Barry W. Hancock, 2 books
Steven M. Cox, 2 books
Brian Forst, 2 books
John Klofas, 1 book
Peter F. Nardulli, 1 book
Christopher Harrison, 1 book
Douglas A. Bernstein, 1 book
Carl Pope, 1 book
William S. Laufer, 1 book
Peter J. Benekos, 1 book
Gary A. Rabe, 1 book
Melvin E. Jones, 1 book
John Fitzpatrick, 1 book
Keith N. Haley, 1 book


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