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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Blake, 3 books
Linda Collister, 3 books
Georgie Patrick, 2 books
Ulrike Kraus, 2 books
Ruth Mader, 2 books
Cyndi Duncan, 2 books
June Roth, 1 book
James McGuire, 1 book
David Bauer, 1 book
Sebastian Dickhaut, 1 book
Donna Washburn, 1 book
Dan Lepard, 1 book
Lia Roessner Wilson, 1 book
Linda Dannenberg, 1 book
Daniella Chace, 1 book
Jack Solomon, 1 book
Laura Taxel, 1 book
Helene Siegel, 1 book
George Scurfield, 1 book
Raymond Calvel, 1 book
Consumer Guide, 1 book
Cornelia Schinharl, 1 book
Bronwen Godfrey, 1 book
Alain Escoffier, 1 book
Grace Shaw, 1 book


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