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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Loretta Lynn, 14 books
Robert K. Krishef, 8 books
Michael Streissguth, 8 books
Willie Nelson, 8 books
Mark Bego, 7 books
Patsi Bale Cox, 6 books
Robert K. Oermann, 6 books
Michael McCall, 6 books
Don Cusic, 6 books
Jo Sgammato, 6 books
Dolly Parton, 6 books
Sarah Tieck, 5 books
Merle Haggard, 5 books
Bob Millard, 5 books
Scott Gray, 5 books
Pat J. Ahrens, 4 books
Naomi Judd, 4 books
Ralph Emery, 4 books
Jim Brown, 4 books
Tracie Ratiner, 4 books
Jim McGuire, 4 books
Colin Escott, 4 books
Willie Nelson, 4 books
Michael Kosser, 4 books
Tom Carter, 4 books


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