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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Douglas Congdon-Martin, 7 books
Tom Wolfe, 7 books
Roger Schroeder, 5 books
Jim Widess, 4 books
Ginger Summit, 4 books
Jeffrey Moore, 2 books
David Hamilton, 2 books
Donna S. Baker, 2 books
Charles Solomon, 2 books
Molly Higgins, 2 books
Greg Krockta, 2 books
Karen Longabaugh, 2 books
Angus Forsyth, 2 books
Brian McElney, 2 books
Rick Longabaugh, 2 books
Clive Griffin, 1 book
Steve Paszkiewicz, 1 book
Kurt M. Robinette, 1 book
Wang, Xiang., 1 book
Charles Hayward, 1 book
Donna Baker, 1 book
Lelooska, 1 book
Robert T. Singer, 1 book
Paul F. Bolinger, 1 book
Sofus S. Michelsen, 1 book


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