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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Publications International, Ltd, 57 books
Joey Green, 16 books
Publications International, 10 books
Kevin Lane Keller, 8 books
Naomi Klein, 7 books
Todd Wilbur, 6 books
Mark Tungate, 5 books
Aaker, David A., 5 books
Al Ries, 5 books
Jack Trout, 5 books
Sandra Lee, 5 books
Jagdeep Kapoor, 4 books
Corinne T. Netzer, 4 books
L. De Chernatony, 4 books
Matt Haig, 3 books
Patricia B. Seybold, 3 books
Celia Lury, 3 books
Campbell Soup Company, 3 books
Jody Cameron, 3 books
Karen Post, 3 books
Allen P. Adamson, 3 books
Janice Jorgensen, 3 books
Bernd Schmitt, 3 books
Nicholas Ind, 3 books
Don E. Schultz, 3 books


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